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ActSafe - Safety Advice and Systems complies with the I.O.S.H. Consultant's Code of Professional conduct

The I.O.S.H. Consultant's Code of Professional Conduct

Members engaged as consultants shall maintain a confidential relationship with their clients, upholding and enhancing the public perception of the profession.  In particular they should:

  1. agree with the client a clear brief, preferably written, for consultant work
  2. agree working and charging arrangements
  3. agree the scope and manner of reporting including, where appropriate, any copyright or patent issues arising
  4. not work for more than one client simultaneously on the same case without the express consent of all clients
  5. not solicit improperly for work by making excessive claims or by attacking the reputation of other consultants
  6. in the case of expert witness services, confine their evidence to matters on which they can speak with authority from personal knowledge and experience
  7. protect the intellectual rights of the client and client confidentiality, and not disclose information to any third party or medium of communication without the full and explicit written authorisation of the client concerned.

When acting in private practice or independently of salaried employment, a consultant has the right to disengage their services in the face of a dilemma involving professional standards or conscience.

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